David and Millie standing next to each other.

The Trainer Group Foundation was co-founded by dual-code international and NRLW star Millie Elliott and her long-term friend and business partner David Prentice

Growing up in Cobargo on the NSW south coast, in small farming community, Millie has lived experience with disability through her younger sister Hannah, who lives with Down Syndrome. Hannah and Millie are as close as sisters can be and have a special bond.  

Hannah found her schooling years some of the most enjoyable, as they gave Hannah a sense of purpose, community and learning. Once school ended, she found there was a gap in the ongoing support that Hannah, and others, had access to. Hannah lost her ‘team’ in part when school ended. 

Millie wants to provide people just like our Hannah, with the ongoing feeling of being part of a new team, so that they have the confidence and tools to be more active participants in the community.

Trainer Group aims to embrace our everyday struggles, stresses and challenges regardless of ability. Even the people we idolise the most go through these moments.  

Millie has been fortunate enough to combine her passion for helping others, with her sporting knowledge and experience, to create a set of programs that are run by Trainer Group today.  

“When you’re a part of sporting teams you support each other through the ups and downs, and I wanted to create that environment for our participants. Whether it is helping with improved confidence, making new friends, improving our health, considering further education or employment opportunities, we are committed to fostering growth in a fun and enjoyable way.” Millie Elliot

Millie’s husband Adam has a shared experience with lived disability, is personally involved in the foundation, all whilst playing NRL. Adam’s older brother, James, has Autism, and whilst James is often the smartest person in the room, he also found the same experiences as Hannah post finishing high school.

David Prentice makes up the other half of Trainer Group and is responsible for the Foundation’s strategic growth, operations and planning. David is a passionate advocate for change and helping build communities which are safe and inclusive for everyone.

“Trainer Group is here to help as many people as we can feel more connected to their communities. As a father, I know how important it is for our children and young adults to have a sense of belonging and team around them. I’ve seen first-hand how much of an impact our program has made on our participants, families and support workers.” David Prentice

Whilst this is story is Hannah, James, Millie and Adam’s, their story is not unique. The sense of isolation after finishing school is a common one, even more so for those that have a disability.

“This is why Trainer Group was created – not just to help our Hannah and our James, but to help as many people as we can feel more connected to their communities.” Millie Elliot